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Oh I like that idea. Thanks for the help guys. And the interesting point about the stories being a little too constricting. I'll post my backgrounds on the forum when I get them all worked out.

One thing I was looking for was a timeline of the different stories. I can't really find summaries of course because people don't want to be spoiled (which I understand), but I was wondering do all the stories take place at roughly the same time?
Are you looking to see if the different stories happen concurrently and over the same time/duration? I would say overall yes (there does not seem to any hard set time progression and all seem to run concurrently), but timelines with a few specific planets are done at different times. All of the classes on each faction (Empire/Republic) go through the planets in the same order but the different factions do not. I believe most of the planets are in the same order between the factions except Balmoora/Taris. Empire characters visit Balmoora first, then Taris later and vice-versa for Republic.