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**UPDATE 3:05AM CDT (1:05AM PDT/ 4:05AM EDT/ 9:05AM BST/ 10:05AM CDT/ 6:05PM AEDT) - Mecrosa Order (FR - PvP) is now available for players to log in! Thanks for your patience.**

*UPDATE 2:55AM CDT (12:55AM PDT/ 4:55AM EDT/ 8:55AM BST/ 9:55AM CDT/ 5:55PM AEDT) - We appreciate your patience as we work to bring the Mecrosa Order (FR - PvP) server back up. We'll continue to post updates as to the current status and will let you know here when it's back up.*

*UPDATE 2:15AM CDT (12:15AM PDT/ 4:15AM EDT/ 8:15AM BST/ 9:15AM CDT/ 5:15PM AEDT) - Hello everyone! Unfortunately this server is still unavailable, and we do not have estimate for when it will be up again. Keep watching this thread for further information. *

*UPDATE 1:40AM CDT (11:40PM PDT/ 3:40AM EDT/ 7:40AM BST/ 8:40AM CDT/ 4:40PM AEDT) - We are continuing to work to bring Mecrosa Order up as soon as possible, but there is currently no ETA for availability. We apologize for the inconvenience, and please continue to watch this thread for updates. To check the status of your server, visit the Server Status page.*

We are currently performing a brief server restart for Mecrosa Order. We expect the server to be available again at 1:45AM CDT (11:45PM PDT/ 3:45AM EDT/ 7:45AM BST/ 8:45AM CDT/ 4:14PM AEDT).

We will update this thread when more information becomes available. Thanks for your patience!
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