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the numbers were exaggeration, however there are more or less a furry race for every brand of furry "fandom" out there and even then there is a furry species for each breed/subclass (Cats and Rodents are a prime example). I would much rather see some classic races than yet another EU Mary Sue super-race or anthropomorphic chipmunk.

Trandoshans for one. how this classic race was overlooked I have no idea
Sentient Droids (IG-88, HK, Scorpio, C3-P0, R2)
Mon Cals (much as I dont like them, rather this than Bunny Aliens)

just to name a few off the top of my head
Contrary to what you may believe, it has nothing to do with "furries". At least I hope not! I just like Cathar ever since I read the old Tales of the Jedi series.
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