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Once I maxed out on my Artifice, I had a hard time keeping straight all 48 green enhancements I could craft (actually, I only knew the names of the enhancements I'd crafted to get to 400 Artifice and the ones I'd purchased as a commendation reward). I took some time, did a little spreadsheeting, and thought that a guide explaining it would be helpful.

There are four classes of enhancements: Accuracy, Alacrity, Shield, and Surge. No enhancement that I know of will have two of these statistics.

Of each class of enhancement, there are either 11, 12, or 13 enhancements that fall into one of two categories that differ only in whether they favor the attribute (Absorption, Critical Rating, Defense Rating, Power) or Endurance.

There are many enhancements that are identical (for example, Acute and Intensity).

Finally, only 1 of the enhancements has 4 statistics on it. The Reflective Enhancement has Shield, Critical, Power, and Endurance.

Below is a list that I compiled to make finding the enhancement I want to craft easier. I hope it might be beneficial to others.
  • Accuracy Enhancements:
    • Stat Favored:
      • Absorption: Kinetic
      • Critical Rating: Acute/Intensity
      • Defense Rating: Protection
      • Power: Initiative
    • Endurance Favored:
      • Absorption: Cognizant/Lucid
      • Critical Rating: Finesse/Volition
      • Defense Rating: Astute/Intuition
      • Power: Proficient/Studious
  • Alacrity Enhancements:
    • Stat Favored:
      • Absorption: Dexterous
      • Critical Rating: Insight
      • Defense Rating: Counterstrike
      • Power: Quick Savant
    • Endurance Favored:
      • Absorption: Sagacity/Sentient
      • Critical Rating: Warfare
      • Defense Rating: Adroit/Wisdom
      • Power: Barrage/Savant
  • Shield Enhancements:
    • Stat Favored:
      • Absorption: Sturdiness
      • Critical Rating: Skirmish/Reflective*
      • Defense Rating: Immunity
      • Power: Reflective*
    • Endurance Favored:
      • Absorption: Bulwar/Vigilant
      • Critical Rating: Erudition/Veracity
      • Defense Rating: Bastion/Steadfast
      • Power: Foresight/Verity
  • Surge Enhancements:
    • Stat Favored:
      • Absorption: Safeguard
      • Critical Rating: Battle
      • Defense Rating: Resist
      • Power: Adept
    • Endurance Favored:
      • Absorption: Inertial/Ward
      • Critical Rating: Assault/Wily
      • Defense Rating: Incisive/Severe
      • Power: Discipline/Efficient
Updated information for 2.0 - I'm going to make a new post on these forums as well, but that's where I've hosted the latest and greatest.
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