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First off i am a HUGE advocate when it comes to madness. i played it from 10-25 in the beta and 1-50 live. it is hands down the most versatile of the 3 specs with darkness a very very close 2nd. use lightning charge to tab dot large groups then pick a healer and burst them down.

If you do not use maul in madness you are wrong.(i saw a 4300 crit today.) my current spec is 5/5/31. my death field crits for over 3k on the regular and 4k if i pop adrenal and trinket with recklessness. Just like with deception you have to time your attacks for the most dmg. Get that expertise buff as much as possible and you will rule the war zone.

There are very few people i play against on my server that scare me or that i worry about. i regularly do 300k+dmg and 10k+defense and 20k+ heals. With any spec or class you just have to know what you are doing. As madness you will never have someone get away from you without blowing cds all over the place.

Sure you have sustained dps on healers and sometimes their crits can be nasty and put you back where you started. Just make sure you use vanish in conjunction with spike to interrupt along with jolt and electrocute to keep them from overwhelming you but keep in mind if they are healing themselves they are not healing the ball carrier or anyone else for that matter.

Madness requires some serious gear to start in a WZ so deception or darkness may be your best bet if you are still gearing up. Once you get that gear you are a force to be reckoned with.