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Honestly the guide here is more than sufficient. Also it's a misconception to think in terms of 'rotation' in SWTOR. Yes you sort of have one but it's more of a priority list (as astral mentions frequently in the guide here) rather than a strict 'rotation'. Yes, you will, sort of, rotate through key abilities but you'll be bouncing around alot within them to maximize your effectiveness.

The key to playing any class that bases off procs/triggers is to hit that trigger as often as it's available so that you can use the upgraded ability that triggers off it more often. There's only 4-5 attacks worth doing in any priority list (unless you're going madness) so it's not super hard to keep track of or manage.

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Edit: I researched and looked everywhere I could, and there is only one guide for Deception Assassins out there with absolutely no one doing viable testing on it. In fact the one guide that's out there is one that is filled with old builds and outdated information. I would think there needs to be some more research done into it.

In fact, in the one guide he states it takes him 2 cycles to get to 5 charges. All I can say is that is one awfully long rotation he is using. I can get to 3 static charges in one rotation. So waiting for 5 on a completely static non-moving boss is easily doable and I will do some testing to see how it affects my dps to wait or to use it on every CD.

I can guarantee you though that holding onto a full static charge is a dps loss.