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I've actually been thinking about this quite a bit- trying to figure out how all of it is going to work. Let me start by saying that all 8 of my characters are human, 3 are LS and 5 are DS (two warriors)

This isn't finalized- and there are still details that need to be fleshed out, but, essentially it's:

Brandis Vansoon (Jedi Guardian) was in training with another young padawan named Jace. The two fell in love and kept their love a secret. They married in secret until Jace became pregnant. She gave birth to a daughter whom they named Rane Vansoon. Rane was gifted with the Force and in training to become a Jedi Shadow. The Jedi Council took Rane and placed her under the care of her Jedi Master, which, began her mother's movement towards the dark side. Jace became pregnant with a second child and Jace's older brother, who had become Darth Severous (Sith Maurader) played on Jace's fear of losing her second child, completing her fall to the dark side where she became Darth Seducious (Sith Assassin). She gave birth to her second daughter, who would go on to become Darth Sevaryn (Sith Juggernaut).

Brandis's younger sister Syrria Vansoon is a gunslinger, running weapons and items for the Republic.

Harper Vansoon is Darth Severous' daugher, who, upon being found to be not force sensitive, was accepted into the Imperial Intelligence Service as a sniper...

and I have no idea how my Bounty Hunter- Carson- works in yet.