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With the Star Wars universe being so large it would not be surprising that there would be just about one of anything, including orphanages. Personally I like the concept, it might be tough for the orphanage to have people go to the two different "factions" (Republic/Empire).

Some thoughts to help you if you wish: I would check the timeline situation but the orphanage could have been on a Republic planet that was taken over by the Empire (the Mirakula could have left juts before the invasion). The orphanage could have been a front for the Empire to recruit agents/force senstivies (which the Mirakula JK could have been rescued from).

In my personal opinion as long as the concept isnt too far fetched, it could be fun.
Oh I like that idea. Thanks for the help guys. And the interesting point about the stories being a little too constricting. I'll post my backgrounds on the forum when I get them all worked out.

One thing I was looking for was a timeline of the different stories. I can't really find summaries of course because people don't want to be spoiled (which I understand), but I was wondering do all the stories take place at roughly the same time?