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04.07.2012 , 02:29 AM | #7
As an aussie I can assure you that this lag on stun happens in every mmo. I notice it on the us servers and the oceanic servers. I can't compare the oceanic to anything because no other mmo has oceanic servers(the one I did play I dont really recall pvping on it) but on the us servers the ping is better and the problem is less then others.

Wow ping for me was 260 in a non congested area, rift was 220, aion I dont recall, warhammer online was i think 250 in warzones, and star wars:tor is 187.

I seem to notice the stun lag alot more on the oceanic server then the us but it is hard to say what other peoples pings are as they could be in one of the asian countries or something.
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