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I would like for them to add the option of making your characters cousins, rather than just siblings/parent-child/ally. I have my tree plotted out already for my own fiction writing, but would like to see this in game when 1.2 comes out. My tree is a bit complicated, as a few characters are double first cousins.

And then, of course, I have 3 non-humans who can't be related to the other 5 at all. But that's what allies are for, right?

Overall, I can't wait until this is in game.

True extended family is missing but then again in an actual family tree that never comes up so I guess that's where they missed out.
One connection that I was appaled that they forgot is Padawan/apprentice... This is a Star Wars game after all....
But anyway what they should do IMO is:
After their 6 types of connections: ally, enemy, sibling, parent, child, adopted (from memory of a YouTube clip)
They should add a Custom connection where we can name it anything we want.
Also I believe there is no function to connect two people who are already placed in you legacy tree, can I have confirmation on that?
If those two functions are not added before live I think a lot of people will be very disappointed again...
(I am not on ptr so if anyone tells me they are in (or planned) it will make me very happy.)