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04.06.2012 , 11:40 PM | #1
Recently i've started to notice some very odd "features" when fighting other players. Mainly there are two different types of things happening:

1, Someone get the ball in Huttball, runs to top floor and jumps down. Gets stuck flickering just after the last fire for a few seconds then is instantly warped to goal-line and score.

2, I open from stealth or stunn a person on the run. The person is in melee range but i still get out of range message. 1-2 secs later the person is either warped and rubberbanding back and forth or just warped 10 meters away.

To my prior experience all MMO's had a built in protection against lagg hacks. This was achieved by punishing the person with lagg by freezing them in place and then rubberbanding them back there after lagg was over.

My questions are have others noticed this behaviour and can it be reproduced? Or is it just poor network coding of the game?

Or is the case that SWTOR uses same network coding as console fps's. Who is nolonger punishing the lagged character but instead everyone else. And how would you then counter behaviour like this?