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I can represent Infinity Gate numbers right now, and inform you that it's a decent POP server. peak hours have 100+ on Fleet (sith) and off hours are 50-70 fleet.

but I rerolled from Sword of Anjunta Pall (which I left a 50 BH on there and he's cold and lonely) and I'm NOT rerollin. I'll wait for server move if I need to move. I have 6 toons currently and 3 of them are 50.

I'd rather play GTN with myself then reroll on a new server at this time.
Well that must be just the Imperial side.

I have a Republic level 50 on "Infinity Gate" and population is currently at 10 people in the fleet. As far as my char on the republic side, there is no chance of doing any FP's or Heroic's. And many PVP matches end because not enough people joined.

I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but not everyone has a well populated server now. I love this game. I really don't want to re-roll. I can't wait for transfers so I can re-sub. Bioware is a great company and they will fix this. Unfortunately it'll take some time.