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RP is optional and PvP open world while not too often is again a plus,so two pluses right there imo,so i would hardly call that shaky ground if anything it gives more options,plus there is a very heavy populace there and very balanced i really dont know where you get the strict rules from,i havent seen it.
I heard of people having names changed/being banned for not role-playing.

This was back in January, so maybe as the population fell, so did the strictness.

Anywho, to amend it:

East Coast:
Fatman (PvP)
Canderous Ordo (PvP

Fatman is the more populated (By a fairly significant amount) but CO is the next best choice.

West Coast:
Swiftsure (PvP)
Harbringer (PvE)

Harbringer is the more populated (By a slight margin) but you can't go wrong with either of those. Be mindful of Swiftsure however, they have a sizable Asia/Pacific population that might be moving to Asia/Pacific servers (Unless this already happened) Pick Harbringer to be sure.

Euro (English):
Tomb of Freedon Nadd (PvP)
The Red Eclipse (PvE)

Both are English servers. Tomb Of Freedon Nadd is far more populated, but The Red Eclipse is the next best server for all Europe (But again, both are English servers).

Master Dar'Nalla (PvP)
Dalborra (PvE)

Dalborra is the more populated server (Slightly). Being that there are only three servers here, it isn't that big of a deal. Gav Dragon has a marginal population decrease between these two, but it's the only Role-Playing server.