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04.06.2012 , 06:22 PM
SWTOR Unleashed

A program to automate the setup and removal process to use this game (SWTOR) with an ramdisk. This includes creating a ramdrive, copying file and creating the needed links. You as user can select what files you want to have on the ramdrive, depending on your needs and maximal available ram.

Administrator rights
This progam requires administrator rights to run, thus for those that have UAC enabled will receive this warning to allow the program full acces. This is needed bacause the program needs to move, rename and delete files. On top of that it also needs to create a ramdrive and symbolic links.

Patching the game
In the current state, this program does not check and intercept patching of the game. In normal cases it should not be a big problem unless you selected asset files to place on the ramdrive. If the launcher needs to patch one of these asset files, it stops and returns an unable to patch error and will display a repair link. Do not press repair but simply close the launcher, open this program again and press play retail. This will remove the setup and the game is able to patch correctly. After that you can of course play unleashed again.

Passing arguments
This program accepts three different arguments that can control the program without showing an GUI.
You can create a shortcut to the program and give one of the arguments after the quoted path with a space.

For example the program is placed in; C:\SWTOR Unleashed v3.x\SWTOR Unleashed.exe
Thus the shortcut target will be; "C:\SWTOR Unleashed v3.x\SWTOR Unleashed.exe" argument

The three possible arguments are;
  • unleashed ; this will start SWTOR with a ramdisk setup
  • retail ; this will start SWTOR without a ramdisk setup
  • remove ; this will dismount and remove an active setup

Download SWTOR Unleashed v3.0

Main Window - Window About - Window settings
Every window can be closed when pressing escape.

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