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04.05.2012 , 11:43 AM | #399
I read the thing - and this was my understanding as well, but sometimes resolve doesn't work either way. I've been stunned while my resolve bar was going down. I've been stunned by 5 stuns and resolve will not go off. Other times it works perfectly - no problems, awesome system. But it does bug quite frequently. I've used the stun breaker at the right time with resolve and have been stunned again. Not snared, not rooted, but stunned. As an example, just this week I was hit by the knockdown ability of an operative, hit by a force push immediately after, 2sec leap stun from a warrior, got the warrior stun in my face, force choked, then hit by an inquisitors stun, followed by being frozen by a bh. I was able to survive that long because of a really good medic - but my resolve bar went all the way up, and all the way down. I used the CC breaker when it hit all the way up. Not a bit of good. The breaker worked great - but the resolve did not. Other examples of things that have happened to me include several warriors (I think there was 4, but there could have been a 5th. We started with 3 people) surrounding me and literally just standing there while force choking me to death. I got force choked 4 times in a row. Resolve did nothing. When resolve works it's great - but it bugs a lot.