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Well, after some waffling, I finally decided to post this. As it currently stands, FF is in large part a retelling of the events of Act I of the Bounty Hunter story. Why a retelling? Because things alluded to in the Prologue below have a profound impact on my fem!BH's interpretation of the events to follow...

So! Spoiler warning for at least Act I of the BH story.

Forging Fortune, Act I: Pride


"Are you really in that much of a hurry to leave?"

Kjara paused in her hunt for the rest of her kit (Where did my boots go? This suite is too bloody big...) and looked back towards the bed, where her companion for the night was sitting up and leaning against the headboard, his hands behind his head as he watched her dress. He'd already successfully delayed her departure once this morning, and she didn't plan on getting in arms' reach of him again. The fact that he still hadn't risen and dressed was a red flag to her that he was ready to make a second try.

Not that his first attempt wasn't fun... She grinned, turning away so he couldn't see. "If I miss out on this job I'll probably be kicking myself for a year."

"What is this job, anyway? You never said."

"A-ha!" Kjara finally located her boots, half-hidden behind a chair. When she sat down to pull them on, she saw that he was sitting upright, regarding her with a gaze more intent than his earlier bedroom eyes. "I didn't, did I?" she said in a musing voice. "I dunno, if I tell you, you might try to beat me to it..."

It certainly wouldn't be the first time a bounty hunter had undercut another for a job, but the suggestion seemed to anger the man; he scowled darkly for a moment before seeming to relax.

Sorry if that offends, hot stuff, but find your own work. Now that he'd pressed her on the issue, she didn't want to admit that she didn't know what the actual job was; it was her contact who interested her. A young, hungry hunter didn't ignore a call from someone with a history like Braden's. "Hey, next time we run into each other, I'll tell you all about it," she offered with a coy grin. There was no real guarantee they'd ever see each other again, of course. She'd never seen him in this part of Nar Shaddaa before, but if he stuck around for a little while, as hunters sometimes did when they found themselves in a new place, they'd probably cross paths again sooner or later.

Then again, if he had money to blow on a suite like this, maybe he didn't need to do little clean-up jobs like she did. He might have been here on more important business for the Hutts, and maybe he'd be outbound soon. Really, he'd been as close-mouthed about his plans as she had been, so she had no idea. Not that it had really mattered. She hadn't ended up here last night to talk about work.

"Hmph." He still sounded annoyed, but he gave her a half-smirk. "Next time, eh?"

"Sure, drinks on me." Kjara stood and straightened her clothes, then headed for the door, scooping up her pistol as she went. "Ret'!" she said in the colloquial Mando farewell, giving him a casual salute.

"Ret'urcye mhi," she heard him murmur as she opened the door and slipped out of the suite.

The Chiss hunter smiled to herself as she closed the door behind her, feeling well-satisfied with the day just past. She'd collected a fat bounty, gotten an intriguing lead on a new job, thrown back some good drinks, and found some pleasant company for the night. And the morning, she amended the thought, smirking to herself. She had never passed a night with a Mandalorian before, but if they were all like that...

Don't be silly, she told herself, trying to inject a little realism into her flights of fancy. Most of those fellas won't give you the time of day if you're not Mando. He wasn't born Mando himself, he said as much; guess that makes him a bit more open-minded. Still, he'd given the impression of being as much of a warrior as any native Mandalorian, and if he'd fought his way in, well... that took skill and nerve, both of which she could admire. On the other hand, that skill and nerve seemed to bring a certain amount of arrogance with it, but that wasn't an unusual trait for a Mando, not at all. It wasn't that he had been rude to her; it was just something in the way he carried himself, an aura of confidence and superiority. Flames, maybe that had made him seem just that much more attractive...

She stretched her arms over her head as she walked down the hall, savoring the slightly painful release of tension, and smirked at a passing guest who grimaced in disdain at her inelegant posture. "Good morning," she called in a singsong voice, but the snobbish human avoided her gaze and muttered something under his breath as he hurriedly walked by. The snub might have bothered the hunter at any other time, but she was in too good a mood this morning to start a fight or terrorize a rich boor.

Bet someone like that's never been outside of the casinos or the Promenade, she thought sourly. If he thinks I look rough, I suppose he's never been to the Duros Sector... The amusing thought of a pompous, rich tourist stranded in the Duros slums was enough to chase away the small blot on her good cheer, and she was smiling again when she sauntered out of the casino's grand entryway and boarded a taxi to the Lower Promenade.

Once she alighted on the tiled concourse of the Promenade, a glance at her wrist chrono told her she had a few hours to clean up and grab a bite to eat before meeting with Braden. Not for the first time, she wondered what a hunter with that sort of reputation could want with a rookie like her. Was he looking for an understudy? Recruiting a mercenary team? Had he run into a job that required a Chiss, for some reason?

Well, she'd find out soon enough. If today is going to be even half as good as yesterday, this "opportunity" will definitely be worth my time...
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