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According to the Book of the Sith. The Double Bladed Saber is supposed to be a warriors weapon, and Darth Maul was a Warrior not an Inquisitor or an Assassin.

in regards to the Saber Staff Darth Sidious has the following addendum to the Darth Bane Chapter that discusses the saber staff.

"It IS a Sith weapon, but one suited for the barbarians among us."

He also has this to say about Sith Warriors in the Malgus Chapter.

"Warriors are animals. Agents like Darth Maul have their uses, but can never expand beyond their limited set of tasks."

So as you can see, other than Sidious having a very low opinion of Warriors Darth Maul was not an Inquisitor. IMO The Marauder is more closely based on Maul but with the wrong weapon. Also IMO from all other resources Assassins should be dual wielding and Marauders should have the Saber Staff. BW screwed up on that.
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