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04.04.2012 , 01:57 PM | #4
Pod racing yes plis. Your great hope with this game is fast and awesome minigames.
Games one can bet on. Games you see in the cantina in episode II.

Plis BioWare dont do space combat. Will not work.
It will be non responsive and to slow as your space combat now shows.
And as long as space combat can not be first person view from the cockpit
like swg there is no point. Just sitting in the chair on the trooper ship show
one cannot even see out the window and the view is bad.

If you make space combat you can use capitol ships with turrets players can control
and players can board ships and fight guards and ship boss to take em over to gain
control over turrets and landing area. Must be a huge space map with base ship and
lots of ships between one can take over and control. In this there should also be fighter combat.Also a astroid field above a planet for pure fighter space combat could really work.
Dynamic fast and intense.

But to be very honest i dont think you guys can pull it off ...