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Poster above me has explained the "one-shotted" observation.

1. He cannot be taunted - so there is no such thing as tanking on this mob other than the first few seconds of the fight.

2. do not ever stand on the metal outer ring - if you are backhanded while standing there you will die as you will be knocked into the acid (unless a very fast ally-grapple is put on you).

3. As stated above once you have been pounded into the floor you will have a debuff placed on you that increases damage upon you, after getting this you are best to stay as far from him as possible, use your deaggro ability if you have one.

4. There will be a "pig" Gamorrean guard mob appear & as long as he is alive the damage from Bonesmasher is increased (it has a red "godlight" on it so highly visible) this needs to be killed immediately.

5. The cleave can easily be "flip-flopped" onto the raid if a player that is the target ran through the mobs legs or moving around while targetted, every single player needs to be able to recognise when they are the target & not blindly run around like a headless chicken, learn how to do this or wipe your team. The more melee you have the more critical this becomes.

There is a "drag you around with him" bug, be very very careful of this, if you are moved around without your control you are experiencing this bug & can be hit whatever direction he is facing when he swipes, only way out is to move yourself out of his range entirely as fast as possible.
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