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Ashane's way of doing it is probably the easiest way. I just downed it with a level appropriate PuG group (we ranged from 24-27). Once we wiped a few times my group figured it out and we were able to down it with only one dps dying

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I'm not crying for nerfs, but if this is the intended difficulty you may want to bump the other 2 bosses to this level for consistency purposes, because the first and last bosses feel like utter pushovers compared to this fight. The last boss is arguably easier than anything in BT/Esseles, even.
This. I'd like to see the other bosses in MR get a bit harder. The boarding party fight is probably the most fun I've had in an instance so far, as a healer. The chaos and difficulty are welcomed after kinda just being able to rush through Athiss, Hammer Station, and Esseles without trying to think too hard about the mechanics of the fight. Also, the difficulty of the fight made my group stop and discuss the best course of action instead of charging in and just trying to face roll the boss (like we tried the 1st time), which is nice to see.
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