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I believe the mechanic you may be having trouble with is his pound ability. This is not the pound that knocks everyone into the air, but the one that specifically roots someone into the ground. This pound gives them a debuff that lets them take increased damage from the boss. On Hard or Nightmare, I've seen players get hit for well over 30k damage from his cleave. Being a Sorcerer, I just pull people away and they run back in when it wears off.

That being said, there is a much simpler strategy than dancing around to avoid his cleave, and while there is still a lot of movement, it adds a lot more predictability to the fight. My guild runs with 2-3 Ranged depending on who's signed up, 2 healers, and 3-4 melee.

We have one RDPS at the north, south, and east ends of the platform, just inside the metal ring. The healers are at the Northeast and Southeast, generally. When the cats spawn, they're instantly CC'd and ignored the entire fight.

The melee should stack in the center, and the person with threat should keep Bonethrasher faced West. They will eat his cleave damage, which can be easily healed through if just one person is getting hit.

When he goes after the healer, or the ranged, they run slightly forward and turn him roughly 90 degrees so that way if he does his knockback, they don't go flying into an acid pool.

Once this is done effectively, healing is quite minimal and it tends to make him pretty easy, but again, that all depends on everyone doing their job properly. I prefer it to just running around in circles though.