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04.04.2012 , 05:56 AM | #4
There's a few issues here. Very often, his animations are not sync'd with his attacks. So if he is moving/turning and then swipes, the direction of the attack may actuallly be his PREVIOUS position. Very often he turns around, and swipes behind him because of this. It's a total PIA.

There is also an issue with standing to one of his sides. If you are standing behind him and he turns a little and a swipe goes off just right, you wind up (i am assuming) getting hit twice. In HM this equates to about 25-30k damage and an insta kill. We havn't pinpointed how to duplicate it, but when someone gets insta-shot they are almost ALWAYS hit by a cleave from the side.

As for dying clear across the room - his cleave is NOT that big. If he's cleaving people across the room, something is VERY wrong. More than likely you were standing on a corner and it killed you somehow. There seems to be some very unusual behavior depending on if you are standing against a wall or on an edge during encounters.

Anyways, if you are dying from 10-15k hits, you are probably undergeared for HM. Im guessing you are running normals, in which case it's not his cleave at all since it only hits for 6-8k (as far as I can remember) in normal mode. Try standing in the center circle at all times and see if that helps.