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04.04.2012 , 12:49 AM | #27
Welp, got him... but not in the first try. I went in there cold, knowing nothing about this Boss and went toe to toe with him first time out. Got him down to about 5 percent too, but he had me beat as I ran out of Force Power. Just did not have enough health left to out last him.

Tried a few more times and it got progressively worse. lol I now know the importance of repaired gear. After 3 attemps I decided to come check and see if there were any good tips on how to burn him down and sure enough... the kite back to the exit worked like a champ.

Ran through the room using force speed right when I got to him. Made it to the exit regrouped and killed all the colicoids in the exit and the tunnel. Then, I went back to the main room stimmed up an ready. I put my tank on sentry, got the mob's attention and ran back toward the exit using force speed again. Right near the exit, I turned and waited for the mutant. I let him get close and knowing his firs move would be to burrow under ground, I sent my tank in first. He burrowed, I waited then hit him with hard with the dot. The rest was simply a dps burn.

The adds never made it out of the main room, and since they never died during the encounter, he couldn't summon more. It was a short fight consequently. I came out at about 75 percent or better, my tank was not that much worse.

It was a pleasure going back in the main room and killing the adds. lol

So, great tips. thanks. Yes, it can be solo'ed. In fact, I think... it's possible to beat him in the main room. Had I had the patience and the creds I would have tried it.