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04.03.2012 , 10:59 PM | #1
My guild is having problems with Bonethrasher. We've gotten pretty good at doing the dance to avoid his smash and cleave, but every once in a while someone just drops dead out of nowhere. This happened to me once when he was standing clear across the room from me; something hit me for over 10k. Probably closer to 15k since I was at nearly full health. Because there's no combat log, I can't be sure what happened, but since then I've seen it happen to several other people. They get 1 shotted from something other than a cleave. What can that be, and how do I stop it??

Also, we've been cc'ing the two cats so our admittedly undergeared dps can focus solely on the boss, but somehow the cc keeps getting broken, not just on 1 cat but on both cats. I've threatened people with virtual bodily harm if they use any aoe, but it happens every single time. It happens so often in fact that people think Bonethrasher himself is breaking the cc, but I've assured them this isn't possible. (Is it??) Jesus Christ why can't we just have a combat log? If I didn't know better, I'd think some jackwagon in the raid was deliberately wiping us every time.