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you know what is maddening is the way you're railroaded by BW into these situations even against yor chosen responses (or not given the option) while they completely exclude female to female romance. It reeks of a developer dictating what can or cannot constitute a proper romance. If they can force an unwanted romance on us because they assume that's what we want, then they should be able to easily allow a female/female or heck, even male/male relationship.

My female toons are sick of getting hit on by the guys on my ship. Even on my bounty hunter, i get these creepy come-ons from out of nowhere from guys who have like 10 affection when my female companion is maxed out affection (with not even a flirt option).

Check out this completely unwanted dialogue:

Torian: You know... I've been watching you in action for a while now. And what a nice sight it is.

what... the... f....
Whether or not they open same sex relationships is a completely different issue and does not remotely address the problem you describe. Why does it matter why you don't want to pursue a romance with someone? Likewise, how exactly does opening up additional avenues of unwanted advances (that might get me stuck in a romance I don't want) solve the problem that I don't want to be involved in any pretend romances, let alone one-night stands, but cannot always avoid them? Just because I don't want my male character to get involved in a fake relationship with a female character does not mean that I want to now have to avoid getting involved in a fake relationship with another male.

In other words, the problem is that the dialog options don't give you the choice to shut down a dialog path without being a complete jerk about it, not that there are not enough people to be jerks to.