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04.03.2012 , 04:05 PM | #20
I have a 50 Assassin with the spec you are referring to as being OP but wow. You have no idea. I also have a 50 Sentinel that by far the hardest nut to crack.

Sentinels now compared to Sentinels after, if ur not a Sent/Mara then you might wanna roll one.

The tank spec'd dps wearing assassin/shadow comes nowhere close to being as effective at dishing out the damage or surivial as the sent/mara. It's not even a coin-flip. The gap will grow after 1.2. Sent/Mara will be way ahead of every other class its not even funny.

Some call them fixes for Sent/Mara...but we got buffed. Fixes or not, and imho..we needed tuned down some. 1v1 and in group play..just a bit op..
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