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04.03.2012 , 03:49 PM | #18
I don't play the class at all so some of you might just toss away, immediately, what I'm about to suggest. BUT, the way I see it, the problem isn't the spec or the talents (yes, from what I've read, the actual stealth tree is problematic in slight DPS loss) but the fact that tank specced Assassins/Shadows are running around in DPS gear. So, while I'd love to suggest not allowing the use of Taunts in the DPS stances (and that should probably be the case), that doens't really fix it and causes the slippery slope of not allowing the DPS specs with healing to actually heal.

That being said, why not just disallow non-DPS mods to be used in tank sets? Do that and perhaps a slight adjustment or switching of some talents and I think you're fine. But until the mod swapping and hybridization issues are fixed, can you really make valid suggestions to talent changs?
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