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04.03.2012 , 03:36 PM | #16
I would like to state something that should be obvious but total damage done on voidstar is not proof that someone has high DPS. Its highly dependent on your enemy, what classes you are fighting, if they are all squishy low geared folks your damage is obviously higher, if they all stand around on the door getting hit by AoEs, then yeah your numbers are going to be severely inflated.

Most Tank spec, DPS geared assassins are not as tough as the tank geared versions. I carry two sets of gear, one for huttball running with 22k HP, 45% block, 42% absorb, 25% deflect. This set has 15% crit and 0 surge. I hit like a wet noodle but my job is to take the ball across the line.

My DPS set is 18k HP, 35% crit, 77% surge, 0% block/absorb. This is my 1v1 set for all other maps. I have a feeling people think we can do both A and B at the same time. We cannot be tough and good dps at once, you are missing that we change out ALL of our gear depending on what is needed.

I think the big hitter people want to see nerfed isnt even a Tank talent its Deathfield in madness, bioware has already actively tried to kill hybrid specs but dont screw with my pve tanking talents, its bad enough that most attacks ignore my shield/absorb/deflect anyway, if anything they should make all attacks be subject to defenses.