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Kinetic - Damage debuff to target attacked with Tele Throw : 5/10/15% /per stack. -20% Force/Melee Damage when in Combat Technique. Increase the heal in Combat Technique by 200 to help the actual tanks who were wanting to tank keep themselves up due to the loss of the heal from HS.

Infiltration - Increases Tele Throw damage by : 6/12/18% /per stack and reduced Force cost by 20/40/60%. +30% armor while in Shadow Technique. Switch the Kinetic Field (30% AoE Dmg Reducton) down to the tier 1 and replace Harnessed Shadows there for Infiltration. They no longer need the extra armor since Shadow technique automatically has the armor increase.

Balance - Each tick of Telekinetic Throw Heals the player by 2/3/4% max health . +20m range on Telekinetic Throw/Project while in Force Technique. Toss out Mind Ward and make that an innate ability for people in Force Technique and replace that tier with the Harnessed Shadows for Balance.
Agree with every one of these! This would make all 3 trees equal and people would actually have a reason to play a different spec.
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