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I fully concur. In order to reject the necklace, I would have had to be a real ***** to Jorgan, and that's now how I saw their relationship. They grew close, to be sure, but it felt to *me* that Jorgan was becoming big brother to my Trooper - yes, he was the big brother in my mind despite my Trooper being in command; he'd been around in the military a lot longer and thus had some wisdom to share. It seemed completely reasonable to me that I could turn aside his advances without spitting on him. That's just not the case, and it makes me sad. Bioware should have much better storytelling than this. They're known for it, so why did they simply not think some of these things through?

I think most people could tell stories of a time they fell for somebody who did not return their feelings. And most of those people were probably gentle out it, I'd hope. Apparently Bioware can't imagine such a middle ground. *shakes his head* Ah well. Maybe I'll be lucky and the scene *following* the unwanted kiss will let me break it off. It'll suck, but it's better than letting the relationship stand.

EDIT: Nope. No, it escalates, without any choice in the matter. What in the damned hell, Bioware?