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04.02.2012 , 04:25 PM | #395
im done with this game because of cc. i have tried to give it a go ya know, i know how cc works, i know use your cc break when u have full resolve, etc. im a 65 rank valor jugg, so not the best, but i have done my share of wzs, and when i go thru 3 full resolve bars, yes 3, and not even moving half way up 1 side, thats bullcrap. that they can root and slow me that much, that when my resolve ticks down and i have stun imm, i still cant move? 3 freaking full resolve bars, and moving i didnt even make it to the start of their ramps, from ours going thru 3 full resolve cycles, freaking crap, sorry for the run on sentence, but u lost another customer due to this bull.

and to the whole pass thing, before u get on about that, same thing happens to that dude, im the only one on the team who can handle that much of a beating without dying.