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Schematics seem to come from UWT missions that crit.

Chance to crit is a subject of debate, with factors such as mission yield, companion affection, and player skill level compared to mission level all being potential factors that influence crit chance.

GTN is the probably your best chance of getting a specific schematic as the chance of getting any one specific schematic from running UWT missions is very very low (each mission level range can return synth and armor schematics of that same level range, for all armor types, for all classes, for both factions).

You can increase you chances of finding the schematics you want by running UWT missions while checking your faction GTN as well as the Nar Shaddaa GTN.

BTW for the servers I play on, the lower level schematics are the most difficult to find on the GTN, and when found, tend to be priced rather high. The higher level schematics seem to be available in abundance at low prices.

My approach to completing all schematics has been to run UWT missions while checking the GTN.

I keep the schematics I need, trade others with friends when I can, sell the faction schematics I don't need on my faction GTN, and sell the other faction schematics on the Nar Shaddaa GTN.

I also buy schematics that are reasonably priced on either GTN.

A tip I'll offer: Buy the other factions schematics on your GTN when they are priced cheap, relist for reasonable prices when checking the Nar Shaddaa GTN for missing schematics.

Also buy up any cheap or reasonably priced schematics for your faction on the Nar Shaddaa GTN that you don't need, and relist them at market value on your faction GTN.

You won't get rich doing this, but it will pay for all of your schematics and make the trip to Nar Shaddaa worth while (assuming your server isn't dead - then it probably doesn't work).