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Okay, so, I play a female Trooper. Currently Major, level 40. My affection with Jorgan is nearly maxed out - mostly because it's not hard finding weapon gifts. Before today, I had stopped advancing his story back around when I hit Captain, because I'm not interested in a romance with him. He's a subordinate officer and that just doesn't appeal to me, period. When I roll a male Vanguard eventually, he won't be dating Dorne, either.

I realized that I could accept his gift, without beating the poor guy into the ground, but more importantly *without flirting*. I have never once flirted with Jorgan. I *thought* that by skipping all the options, I could bypass the romance thread and just stick to the Deadeyes story like the guys would get.

Turns out, I'm wrong. Several missions later, there appears to be no way to avoid getting kissed... and as far as I've seen, no way to discourage him in the slightest. Why? When I've not flirted once, these shouldn't be my options.

I would like to finish out the Deadeye storyline, and want to have a "completed" Jorgan come legacy in 1.2. Is there any way to stop this romance from happening and still complete the story? Or am I stuck railroaded into an undesirable relationship?