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Quote: Originally Posted by ZaruenMakai View Post
it is not core .... the only time when resolve is even worth it really is huttball.. the other two can be won without any resolve usage what so ever.. so to quit a game over a somewhat broken resolve system is basically QQ and L2P

and guess what is even more core than resolve... passing the gosh darn balll....

a team that masters resolve versus a tea mthat masters psasing and its gonna be a pretty equal fight
Yeah, I guess you're right. I should just pass the ball when I get wait...

It is not just the resolve's all the CC......why, why so much? Just cut it back some, as it is now when in combat you are movement impaired 100% of the time. And 100% impaired way to much of the time.....this is fun to you?

And really...QQ...L2P? isn't it time those are retired? they seem so jr high to me.