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Ok, first off, MaxDPS's theorycrafting was about as reliable as the ravings of that drunk lunatic you ran into at the mall the other night. They took so many shortcuts and made so many assumptions that you'd be lucky if you landed on the right class, much less a proper stat weight setup.

Second, while haste was a potent stat for Elemental shaman, they gained a couple major benefits from it that we don't in SWTOR. First, it affected their Flame Shock, which in turn affected their Lava Burst proc rate (which also didn't have an ICD, unlike Lightning Storm). Second, they didn't have inherent DR built into haste. Third, they had a fairly significant number of baseline and buff-based haste effects to amplify to value of the stat.

Sorcs lack all of these. As noted above, alacrity is indeed better for lightning than it is other specs, but it's still not a good stat overall.

Then again, you also have to realize that the only stat Alacrity is really competing with is Surge. Due to the way modifications are set up, you can't really directly trade Alacrity for Power, Crit, or Willpower. Surge is significantly more powerful than Alacrity at base, but tapers of ridiculously rapidly somewhere around 200-250 rating. At that point, Alacrity starts becoming a desirable stat, not because it's powerful on it's own (usually having a dps benefit of roughly a third that of Power or Crit), but because it's more powerful than Surge at that point.

This is why stat priority lists ultimately break down. It's much better to instead specify balance points, points where the relative dps value of the two competing stats (Power vs. Crit, Alacrity vs. Surge) are equal, which by optimization theory is the point of maximum possible output from the system. I'm actually (sporadically) working on a module for SimC that would calculate these specific points, but it's going slowly due to RL commitments.
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