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The House & legacy of the Solrac family:

A House of merchants turned politicians on Naboo. Father/head Juros Solrac was elected a regional Governor there recently. Wife/mother Marleania Solrac is a cordial, classy, & dutiful homemaker. Juros knows he has always been force sensitive, but never wanted anything to do with it.

Markos Solrac: (see sig) was taken as a child to train in the Jedi Order (see character bio). He is my Dark Inquisitor/Sorc. Quietly, slowly, & surely working his way up the Imperial/Sith Order power structure as SI's do while learning the deepest secrets of the Dark Side as he continues his search for power & his own brand of justice. The House hasn't heard from him in forever, & Juros isn't stupid, senses the jist of his eldest son's new path. He has banned discussion of him in the House &, being dutifully loyal to the Republic as he is, is preparing to disown him totally. His mother however is no politician, & is dutifully loving, & loyal to her children first, & will support Markos wherever he goes.

Draykos Solrac: Markos' younger brother by 4 years (full character bio coming soon). A Jedi Knight who like is brother, is increasingly frustrated with the corruption, hypocrisy, & indecisiveness within the Republic Senate which he feels too bound to & watched by. Unlike his brother tho, his loyalty to the Republic in general remains strong. He is determined to seek his older brother out & find out where he is, what he's done, how's he's done it, & why.
Nobody expects the Sith Inquisition!
Guild: Imperial Army.
Darth (Markos) Solrac: LV 50, Dark Sith Sorcerer.
Draykos Solrac: LV 29, Dark grey Jedi Guardian.