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I'm sure others have attempted to submit a bug or other report. I got what seems to be a "boiler plater" or copy-paste response of (cynically paraphrasing here) "sorry, we wouldn't want to spoil the fun so we can't tell you how to find datacrons or other hidden items". I immediately submitted a new bug report stating that i wasn't asking for hints but rather trying to point out there there is *something wrong*.

I really wish BW would either admit that the CSR's don't really read the help requests/bug reports, or start ordering the CSR's to read the damned bug reports! Seriously. I know I'm not the only one who has gotten cryptic, non-sensical responses that seem to indicate the person on the other end didn't actually read the bug report.

But I digress. Has anyone seen or heard of any type of response from BW on the broken codex?!
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