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12.16.2011 , 11:05 AM | #28
Tell me again why server imbalance matters at all with instanced PvP?

World PvP here isn't really an issue, the game doesn't revolve around it. That leaves warzones which don't start until theres an equal number of players in queue for it to begin so that doesn't matter either.

If anything, a faction imbalance is a BOON for the underdog because you will be in queue for much less time than the side with more players.

What's the issue here..I'm not seeing it?

Btw I played Alliance on several Horde dominated servers because I wanted to actually PvP, not sit around in a city staring at a vendor waiting for my queue to pop.

Faction imbalance only effects games with World PvP that matters, the World PvP we have here so far doesn't matter at all.