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my Cyborg Scoundrel started off pretty greedy but eventually 'saw the light' along the end of the first act. she just can't stand how cyborgs are treated, and while she realises that the republic isn't to found of them, she also saw how vile the empire is - unless you're a sith. she is still a bit greedy though, so she is currently light VI with quite a few DS points.

she eventually meets my Chiss Operative, whom at this point is still an all-abiting agent of the Empire, doing everything as said, and leaning quite a bit to the 'evil' side. that operative too eventually realises that hear treatment inside the Empire is rather.... lacking respect. so when she gets to know my scoundrel she starts seeing another picture, eventually deciding to change her life and tries to make the Empire a better place for its citizen - especially non-humans.

my scoundrel and my operative eventually adopt a cute little chiss baby, who will be raised to become a gunslinger, also not entirely good, but overall a pretty nice and laid back dude

for my other characters..

in short my guardian and my juggernaut are cousins who don't like each other much at all, both fighting for the 'wrong' side - mad at the other for leading the life they would want (aka my juggernaut will be LS, my guardian DS)

my sage is a friend/ex-lover of my guardian who will be pretty neutral after initially not caring much at all about the jedi-codex, originally only being thrilled about going to the academy because my guardian was there...

my sith inquisitor hasn't told me yet what her story is