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Well, a more precise wording might be: The current set up is discouraging people who want to do these missions.?

Bioware should set up the missions in a way that encourages people to experience it. That's why we have mission hubs, bread crumb missions etc. I do think they could do a better job though.

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Why do people assume that if they don't want to do the mission, that it's meant to be skipped? The guy above spelled it out pretty clearly: it's extra content. It doesn't hurt you if you skip it but it rewards you if you do it when it's level appropriate.

How dumb do people have to be to complain that soloing a Hoth H4 at 50 doesn't give good loot?

The only problem with completing them is that there are too many low population servers, but that has nothing to do with Heroic 4s in and of themselves.