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I have eight characters, one for each class. So that means that half of them are Imperials, and the other half are Republic guys.

My main character is a male Sith Juggernaut named (soon to be Darth) Jaculus. He comes from House Keel - a noble human family on Dromund Kaas and is the first Force sensitive child the house has produced for a couple of generations.
Now, noble families tend to have a lot of members when you factor in siblings, uncles, cousins etc. That was especially true in times and societies where mortality was high. So I figure there are more than enough folk that are related to him (even though he doesn't know any of them, given that he was raised among the Sith). One such is my female Imperial Operative named Megelle who is a distant cousin.

The other Imperial characters are not relatives to the Keels.
One is a male Pureblood Sith Sorcerer named Ignavus. He and Jaculus know each others briefly from the times spent in their training.
The other is a male Bounty Hunter named Vespar. He's basically a low-born scum, so any Sith connections are impossible. His uses as a gun-for-hire, though, were not missed by the Imperial Intelligence who has contracted him once or twice to serve as a distraction and a meat sheild for black-ops missions. From there he knows Megelle.

On the Republic side, I have a male human Jedi Sentinel named Braden who is an enemy of Jaculus (and every high-ranking Sith).
He has an older sister whom he barely knows and remembers - a female Gunslinger named Felicine. She is quite different than her brave and selfless Jedi brother, being greedy and snarky but underneath the cynical and bi*chy exterior there is a tiny heart of slightly tarnished gold.

Aaaand... I got nothing for my Trooper and my Consular, but I'm not going to play with them for a while, so I'll think of something. At least with the Consular, I still desperately hope to get Togruta as a playable species.