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I have to be honest, I find these sorts of threads very hard to respond to.

The problem here is you are asking not to be pigeonholed, but at the same time doing that very thing to guys.
Do you honestly still encounter people who are amazed that a girl is playing a computer game? I mean seriously?
I have been gaming since I was 3 years old. So in all I have 29 years of experience. It has never, and I do mean never, surprised me at girls gaming.
I treat girls exactly the same as I do guys whilst playing. Obviously I avoid using certain words at times but I have never seen this delicate flower attitude towards any girls I have played with.

I honestly think you must just have played with a lot of barely post pubescent teenage boys that don't know how to act around girls. or are so shy in real life that they act out behind their computer screen.

The only girls I have problems with in gaming are the ones who constantly seek attention for the sole reason they are a girl playing games. I mean it REALLY gets to me.

You have to bear in mind, that guys have to go through life being labelled a loser if you play games, (first world problems right?) where as it seems to be the "cool thing" for girls to be right now.
The amount of girls on Facebook and 9GAG or whatever that take duckface photos of themselves wearing something vaguely related to gaming just for ***** teenagers to spam them with praise.
Point being, some guys may find it hard to seperate those types of girls from the ones who genuinely love gaming (which I am sure, you girls are like. The good kind I mean)

Sorry started rambling a little there.
So anyway, I'm sure people appreciate the clarification you are trying for OP (that's what you were doing right?) :P
But at the same time, try not to pigeonhole us nicer guys that would treat everyone the same regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation etc.

But these "myths"? Erm, I don't think imho there are any, girls gaming is not anything new or special in my experience. Just another person behind a keyboard escaping reality for a while.

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