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Hold onto your hats, this is going to get a little complicated. I have eight characters of mostly different races.

At the core are two Twi'lek sisters, one of which is my main (Assassin). They were sold into slavery at a young age. One ended up a dancer for an Imperial officer on Korriban, where she was discovered to be Force-sensitive, and the other was rescued by my Jedi Knight and brought into the Order (technically making her his adopted daughter).

My JK is friends with a notable member of Havoc Squad, who has been hunting down a notorious Imperial sniper for some time. Little known to the sniper, her long-lost brother has been working as a mercenary.

My Marauder and Assassin were given an arranged marriage to try to bring the rebellious Assassin in line with a more loyal Pureblood. However, the Marauder is more interested in Jaesa, and ends up having a daughter who is not Force-sensitive. This daughter is exiled and ends up smuggling to make some credits.