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03.31.2012 , 12:31 PM | #4
Unfortunately this post, while it has an intended purpose, wont have any effect on 99% of the community. I dont say this to be rude, but only a small handful of the forum community will ever see the post

I haven't seen the posts you describe bashing on female gamers, but the people who are doing so are idiots - ignore them. Lots of what you see in relation to females is just based on stereotypes and such that were perhaps proven to these guys by some female gamer long ago, and they have forever been judging females based on the assumption that you are all the same. They are of course mistaken, but the only time you will see any sort of bashing on female gamers is when it comes from the narrow minded few who I previously mentioned - they are also the minority in a sense.

Bottom line, you will always be judged with stereotypes and assumptions because you are truly the minority in gaming. Just ignore the guys who take themselves seriously when they bash on you and move on instead of making threads like this which end up having their intended point entirely lost among "whoah, a female gamer!?". Most of us guys already understand everything your post was aimed at, and the few who dont already will learn nothing new because of ignorance.