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Hello all Im relatively new to this community still but been playing long enough to know this is a fun game. These boards can be fun to full of so many opinions. Many of which make me scratch my head when it comes to females and gaming.

so I thought as a woman id address some of the myths that seem to go around about females in game. And use my own personal perspective to give some facts on how it feels to be a female that games. I am no authority on this an any fellow females can feel free to come in and correct me if I am wrong. But seriously some of the crazy things I've read lead me to wanting to bring up a topic on this.

1. Women game- we are into gaming some of us have been since we were kids, Atari was the first console my family owned and I have been playing since the days of Pack-man and Donkey Kong when they were barely decipherable due to the low graphics. I am a huge legend of Zelda fan and played games from first person shooters to Muds and now mmos.

Many think because dudes play chicks in games that that cute little assassin you see is Chuck from NJ who lives in his mother basement but you would be surprised how many of us like making cute yet deadly characters. Or how many big burly dudes may just be hiding a female who doesn't want to be hit on.

2. Female gamers are not easily offended- This one really stands out so many posts on our behalf so many people who assume that we need speak up for topics such as sexism and sexuality. I speak for myself of course but Ive lived far to long and seen far to many things to be offended by some half naked dancing girls. And I have worn armor and clothing in games that would be strategically stupid to utilize but it is kinda funny to watch my half naked mob beat down an enemy.

3. Female gamers not all of us but many are not life time watching drama queens who cry at the drop of a hat. Some of us are very vicious and like to play that way. One of my best made characters was a Drow warrior in another game who murdered just because she could. I obviously don't do such things in real life but its fantasy and being blood thirsty in fantasy is fun and gets to showcase a side to myself id never indulge in real life.

4. Some of us maybe tough girls but we do like style- whether its for decorating our personal spaces or getting good armor many of us do like to look nice when we are running around these vast worlds. When you give us clothing that looks good it adds to the persona even if its deadly spikes with crimson, deep lace black or skin tight leather suits. I know that some of the best games I played had a way for me to utilize fashion and still be deadly and effective.

5. Not all of us are nurturers and play healer types. Okay I like healing in games specially to save my own butt, but as a mommy in real life I tend to try to play roles in game where im not holding hands or patching up boo boos all the time. I do that enough as it is lol.

There are many others but I hope this gets a good conversation going because I see so many things about sexism or female wants and it seems there are many misconceptions about female gamers (Specially that we do not exist) But we do and our ranks are growing every day. I hope if I ever have a little girl (currently have a little boy) that she grows up in a world where a girl gaming is not a big deal it honestly shouldn't be.
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