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Um okay it works perfectly fine for CC but I think everyone else is talking about the other loss of control abililites that happen after your play your resolve bar that people toss at you, stuns and knock backs.

So its common to be stunned for 16 secs break out of the third cc only to be instantly stunned for another 4 seconds then knocked backed (another 4 seconds of down time) oh and now your resolve is just about used up so your back to being cc again, but your prety much dead at this point so I guess it really doesnt matter. Ya works great.

I imagine you never have a problem with it because you dont have 2 to 3 people attacknig you at once.

edit: Let me restate that, you have 2 or 3 people attacking you and never had the chance to get even one attack off. Its not about whether you could of killed one of them its that fact that you cant even fight back at all.
Sorry, I don't quite understand what you're trying to say. The thing is, the more people are attacking me at the same time, the more CCs they use. The more CCs they use, the faster they make my resolve full. It actually takes them to throw 2-3 stuns at me to fill the bar, at which point I use my CC-break, pop up defensive CDs, use a WZ stimpack and do whatever I will for the next 15-20 secs. After that I might die, yes. Or they might die. And when we meet again, my CC-breaker is off CD again. I used this tactics a lot of times to score in Huttball, it never failed me.

And really, what's the deal with that being dead instantly? I play as one of the squishiest classes (scoundrel), and yet fully BM-geared I survive long enough to LoS successfully or to shake the attackers off when need be. Bioware put so much effort into making PvP "longer" in SWTOR that it's not even a problem anymore to survive unless focused by most of the enemies' team.
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