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The Dathenor Legacy (D'Athenor or some form has been a last name for many of my characters and most have a K name save Nyxy who always gets a rogue type role in any game)

So far I have 2 sets of siblings.

For the Empire side two sith sisters one warrior, one inquisitor. One was sold into slavery (the inquisitor) while the warrior is pampered due to her stronger sense of will.

For my republic side I have my 3 sisters. One is a knight one is a consular and the eldest is a smuggler who thinks the force is slight hokum but is protective of her force sensitive siblings and does the right thing for a profit. She knows what it's like to have her family taken away by the order, and doesn't feel right about it but knows wasn't much the family could do once the other two vocalized they wanted to train their powers.
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