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03.30.2012 , 01:33 PM | #1
Im on a garbage server so i cant really do anything, not starting over cause my legacy is at 26. I sent 200k creds from one character to another, disapeared and u guys said that i cant get i back even though u confirmed that it shouldnt have happened. Same thing happened yesteday with 300k creds. u confirmed that i sent it, u confirmed that i didnt recieved and that it should have went through. yet u cant give me my creds. Now i dont even want to lvl a new character which is pretty much all i can do until u offer server transfers... which u havent even announced yet. im getting fed up with this garbage. i bet u that BW wont even reply or do anything about this, they barely ever do anything. another small note. WHAT WERE U GUYS THINKING WITH THESE GEAR DESIGNS. THERE IS MAYBE 1 OR 2 GOOD SETS. EVERYTHING ELSE IS GARBAGE... AGAIN