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i accidently got given Rakata pants from a masterlooter

i made my ticket for the pants to goto the correct player within 5 min of receiving them

i got a reply the next day asking for more info, then another rely for even more info (why they couldnt ask for this info in the pervious ticket is beyond me)

chatted with live agent said he(BRIAN) will rectify this issue 3 min later i get an update saying i did not make my ticket in the alotted 4 hours of receiving this item

the costomer service on this game is *********** retarded so retarded they dont even check time stamps on when you create your tickets reguarding time restricted matters.

so i made a new ticket saying he needs to look at time stamp on ticket reference number

talk to live agent, get ticket transfered...

still waiting on reply from new ticket

bioware pull your heads outa your asses and train your CS do to their gosh darn jobs

EDIT lmao gosh darn... wow, now i know this game caters to carebears

after creating 2 more tickets (basicly calling me a liar in 1 of them)

talking to 1 more rep

another ticket calling them useless and asking them why they have jobs in CS when they dont do their jobs

they finaly transfered the item to my friend

thanks bioware, im seriously rethinking my sub for this game because your CS reps couldnt handel something this stupidly simple

the Worst CS ive ever delt with.. ingame or otherwise, bravo