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I was having this issue also so I would like to help .

I will take a guess that you have less than 8 gb of ram ?

On my system this was the issue and installing 8gb of ddr3 fixed it ,and it now closes immediately .

One thing you can do to prove this is the case for you is to just quit game and let the computer close itself ,It may take up to 10 minutes ,but it does look like its crashed because you cannot interact at all with it ,If it does close by itself then install the ram .

My ram usage in taskmanager can be 6gb especially if I have done some warzones .

This will also help with graphic issues ,If you notice when the game fps drops that the light on your computer is lit up ,this means the info is not in the ram so the system has gone to your disk for it and until it gets it your gpu can do nothing .

Ram is very fast and the whole game would preferably be loaded on it .

Your drive were you have the game stored is a lot slower .

If you want fast load screen times, get yourself an SSD drive ,put game and operating system on it and the loads times should be lightning fast.

Hope this is your issue and I have helped .
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